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What your birthstone means

Do You Know What Your Birthstone Means? It Reveals a Stunning Secret about Your Personality

Aren’t these sparkly stones, whether they are rubies, diamonds, or emeralds, reminding you of the epic Gollum’s dialogue “My Precious”? According to the Gregorian Calendar, each of them is closely connected with a certain month of the year and its astrological sun sign. This is what makes them been called ‘birthstones’. Each of them tells a lot about a person’s personality, and is known to bring luck and certain healing powers.


See which of these precious stones rules your personality and discover its healing powers.

January – Garnet


These people are logical and analytical so they are usually the go-to people of the group. However, they also possess s loving and compassionate side to them.

Healing Powers
  • Garnet is known to cleanse, boost, and revive a person’s energy.
  • This stone helps the healing of various internal and external issues.


February – Amethyst


People who have Amethyst as their birthstone are known as the ‘daydreamers’ of the group, due to their calming and mellow personality. They can be quite spiritual and stay away from confrontations.

Healing Powers
  • Healers swear by this stone which is said to concentrate energy.
  • Amethyst is said to heal breathing and blood issues, so it can be worn near the lungs or heart as a pendant.
  • You can keep it in your home, preferably near a window to absorb the light coming from the sun and moon. In this way, it will keep the atmosphere calm, by spreading positive and warding off negative energy.


March – Aquamarine


Those who have this birthstone are usually straight-forward and honest people, who know exactly how to communicate their thoughts and feelings with others.

Healing Powers
  • This stone signifies purity, so it’s often carried by sailors on the high seas.
  • Aquamarine possesses calming energies which help deal stress and relax.
  • It protects your aura from being affected by negative energy. Also, Aquamarine is the most popular birthstone for pregnant women as it’s believed to protect them and their babies.
  • This birthstone balances the hormones and the immune system, so it’s beneficial for healing thyroid issues, sore throats, and allergies.


April – Diamond


People born in this month are hard to convince or persuade in the same way as diamonds are hard to cut. They are known to follow their thoughts and beliefs, being determined, stubborn, and never giving up.

Healing Powers
  • This birthstone is an immense energy booster, even though that applies for both, positive and negative energy.
  • Diamonds can cleanse, detox, and prevent stress coming from cell phone radiation. It also normalizes the metabolic rates.
  • It’s also beneficial for brain and eye health.


May – Emerald


These people are known for their loyalty, faithfulness, and unconditional love, so you’re lucky if you have one as a partner or friend. They also relate well with different types of personalities.

Healing Powers
  • This birthstone is said to heal problems with muscular systems and spine, and detoxify the liver.
  • Emerald is known to be beneficial in rheumatism and diabetes treatment.
  • It promotes eye health and alleviates sinusitis.


June – Pearl


Although giving the impression of being modest, innocent, or even naïve, these people have one of the strongest personalities. They are great animal and nature lovers.

Healing Powers
  • This birthstone is believed to relieve bloating and other digestive issues.
  • Pearl is also known to address skin problems and issues with the soft squishy organs in the body.
  • Last but not least, it’s considered to improve fertility.


July – Ruby


People who have Ruby as their birthstone have lively, vibrant, and dramatic personality. They have great confidence, hardly lie, and never escape from any type of confrontation. These people are respected for their tendency to keep promises.

Healing Powers
  • It wards off negative energy.
  • Ruby boosts energy, making people less lazy and tired.
  • It ensures good blood flow, and promotes body detox.
  • Ruby is said to lower fever.
  • It promotes the function of kidneys, reproductive organs, and spleen.


August – Peridot


People with Peridot as their birthstone are known as the ‘chatterbox’ of the group. They are very sociable and can easily become friends with anyone as they look someone to listen to them. This characteristic makes them cordial, easy to handle, and quite charming.

Healing Powers
  • This stone is known to eliminate numbness, lethargy, and tiredness.
  • Peridot improves the metabolic rates, immune system, and heals issues with thymus, gallbladder, and intestines.
  • It also helps treat ulcers and skin disorders.


September – Sapphire


These people are known to be extremely intelligent and to hardly lose control even in worst situations. Usually, they have troubles trusting others and don’t open up easily.

Healing Powers
  • This stone can strengthen the walls of veins and arteries, thus helping the healing process of blood disorders.
  • Sapphire can stabilize the functions of the cells in the body, balance the gland functions, and calm the overactive body parts.


October – Opal


Although these people might seem calm on the outside, their mind is almost always dealing with something. They are adventurists, spontaneous, and the popular ones in a group.

Healing Powers
  • This stone increases the motivation to live life, and improve the memory.
  • Opals regulate blood sugar, insulin, and treat infections.
  • It can also help childbirth and PMS symptoms.


November – Citrine


These people are known to have luck and good omen following them around. Therefore, it’s not surprising they are optimistic by nature which can be contagious.

Healing Powers
  • This birthstone is known to rejuvenate energy, especially when a person is sick.
  • Citrine is also known to protect from external influences.
  • This stone increases the body’s strength in handling degenerative diseases, problems with kidneys, digestive, and urinary tract.
  • It’s also said to purify the toxic effects of pharmaceutical drugs’ chemicals.


December – Turquoise


These people have strong protective instinct for those around them, so you can call them ‘guardian angels’. They seem vibrant, young, confident, and wise.

Healing Powers
  • This birthstone improves the nutrient absorption in the body.
  • It helps alleviate pains, cramps, aches, and heal and regenerate tissues.
  • Turquoise help heal cataracts and other eye issues.
  • It’s also known to stabilize body inflammations like gout and stomach disorders.


Now you know why these precious stones take such an important place in mythology, history, economy, science, and our personal lives.